Thursday, May 1, 2008

indian jones, cartman, batman

Indian jones- Indian jones is seen in two perspectives. One from the average american who carries out a normal life and kids of all ages who see him as the adventure seeking hero who knows how to get out of any tight situation without a scratch, a man who can get the ladies, and a man who can almost do anything. He's interesting because he's has a backround in archaeology which is interesting because most super hero's dont seem to be smart or even know too much other than fighting bad guys. He on the other hand is a brain and has incentives based in his field of work to do what he does. Archeologists on the other hand see him the same as other people but know that what he does isnt really true for what he does on the most part. He goes after bad guys rather than search vigoursly like the other archeologists. He puts excitement into the job knowing that the movie relates to their work in a way.

Cartman- Cartman is seen as the little trouble child almost like a little chuckie with an attitude without the killing frenzie's. He is loved and hated because of who he is. His character is so outrageous and problematic that most like mid teens to young teens love it but parents most likely see it as a horrible influence for their kids and people in general. Parents probably see it as immoral and just something that will teach kids to do the wrong things like they do. He speaks freely and is quite controversial in almost every episode which gives hims his unique and distinct personality. 

4. Once you have done that, think about characters you have met in books, seen in movies or plays, or watched on TV. Pick one that is of particular interest to you. Write an entry in which you explain why this character is important to our culture in your opinion. What qualities does this character possess that makes him/her/it so intriguing? Why is this character important to our society (not just a small group of fans)?

Batman- I chose batman because he is one of the superheroes that whether you like it or not, have witnessed and know about it. It's basically as big as media can get, hes one of the originators of super heroes and is a prime example of a character setting an example. Hes important because he is a character who kids from age 4 and up just absolutely soak in what he has to give which is good things and fighting bad villains. it teaches you simple morals like doing the right thing and to help out people. hes just an example that you want to be, everyone wants to be him, even i do. Hes just the man at what he does and nearly never screws up and if he even does, hell fix it non-chalantly. Hes important to society because hes a figure that everyone knows and everyone someone wants to live their life out like him. Everyone would love to be unstoppable and invincible and be a normal person but do extraordinary things. Hes a figure that influences the young and follows you until your old and wrinkly. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

good bloggin stories

1. Those are the stories that you remember for a long time and is the learning steps of your young life. It gets the kids brains working without really and trying. It helps you develop a good sense of talking as well. They get pleasure and a fictional wonderworld which they may or may not quite get description wise but can make them happy for what they understand. They learn a good sense of knowledge

2. It expands your ideas and imagination to extremes and can keep your brain learning and in fine shape. It really helps you learn new creative ways of writing and stories told. Books are somethings that only stop when the imagiatino chooses to stop and is why its so good for you whenever.

3. It keeps people involved with society and their surroundings that are happening close and far away all in the same nation. it is something magical and can trigger peoples imaginations and really gets people to feel good when they get so involved into plots. It allows their imaginations to go crazy and paint a perfect canvas picture in their mind and visualize it as if it were a movie or better yet a reality.

4. I remember child hood books like the ginerbread man, the little teapot, the three little bears, goldylox and such which were all books that many people in the nation have read. It keeps peoples morals straight and not offset. I remember the childhood stories because they were short, had pictures, and put me to sleep. These were the stories that stuck with me; the ones that were short and simple. I connect everyone and mainly my Mother who read them to me usually before bed and id casually fall asleep.

5: Characteristics of a well-told storyDevelop a list of 7-10 characteristics that stories should have. Be specific. Do not just say that "stories should have good characters." What makes a character good? Think about what the author should do and how the reader should feel when reading.

1). Intriguing plot that leads to multiple outcomes

2). Characters who act well together and bounce ideas off of

3). Good dialogue that intrigues

4). Action

5). An epic ending

6). Clear, Concise, and awesome

7). original

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The spring time

I ejoy the spring. Its kind of a love/hate relationship because the winter is where i get to snowboard non stop and hang out majority with my snowboard buddies which is a nice change from edina. I think that the snowboard crowd is more of lovers than haters. I usually tend to see people hating more than less at Edina on other people and gossiping which is something i really could care less for. My snowboard buddies are the ones who see it the same wasy i do and you just talk about funny stuff and the conversations are just more exciting and i like to hang out with these kids more. This is why i dont like the spring to begin, the hate part. But then the love part comes in when the weather is nice, the sun is shining and warming, you can go swimming with your buddies. The best part is that i get to put my rims on my car which have havent see day for the winter. I like riding around with the windows down, the AC on, and just cruising with friends. You can go to the beach and be outside with your buddies, even though im usually outside all year long because of snowboarding. I really enjoy frisbee golf and is something i do a ton. Its going to be nice when you can walk around and enjoy the weather. I really enjoy that you can be outside in shorts and walk place to place. I dont mind walking from place to place when its nice out especially because you can save some money on gas. Its also a sign that the school year is coming to an end, and that this spring, highschool is coming to an end in a short few months. Im really looking forward to it and dont mind that the winter is over. I can snowboard in the summer at Mt.hood if i want to, is a mountain in oregon that has snow year round which i usually go to. They have camps up there and its usually just a super fun time to be with friends and enjoy yourself while snowboarding. I believe spring is one of the best seasons of the year because you have so much to look forward too.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Andre Nickatina

[Nickatina]Pain from a rap catMan you didn't know that3 AM, man, we bumping Bobby WomackMy homie keep all his bullets hollowThat's why I smell like Salvatori Faragomo with the diamond sparrowA rap cat with the BOSS apparelI put my rhymes on your block then I run it just like little DarrellMoney and dope, man, don't come for freeMan, I don't have no competition, ho, all I got is enemiesI turn around like a tornadoRock it like a baby cradleCall me Doctor J if you a baller and it's getting fatalI make MC's do angel dustTake 'em to the Bay Bridge, make 'em strip, tell 'em jumpI don't know why I get highI'm so in love with money I keep spending 'til it runs dryHot like a kettle, when the pedal hits the metalPinocchio you know son is Jepetio, hello.Deep fried just like Friday fishA lot a hot sauce, now we got it popping in this {}[Equipto]Yeah, in anything I do I put my everythingAlways feeling deep inside just like Mary J.Ha, I'm never panicing, I'm bored stiff as a mannequinGrew up fast just like AnikinBaby its gullible, its Alice in WonderlandAll the excuses in the world I can't understandCuz I'm a man of these times, the man to get highBlow big, but my gross is family timeAin't no way to intervene in my industryMoving quicker then a centipede on enemiesOne of a kind, once in a lifetime rhymes is writtenIt goes on, as long as time commences[Nickatina – Chorus][], it's like a jungle sometimesIt makes me wonder how I keep from going underWhen they hit me with the thunder and lightningits trifling, enlightening, and frighteningsome might think that it's even exciting[Nickatina]I'm like a Harley Davidson motorcycle, born to rideWith the force that the courts call the last JediI'm like a veteran, off Excedrin'scuz I be getting headaches from these Letterman'sI asked this little freak about my rap styleShe said, "It's so {}dope they might take you to trial."[], yeah, with Quipto and VagoRaps like a Tommy gun, watch how the body runRaps from the Tommy gun will make anybody run[Equipto]I'm bout to go in like a movie, but no stunt double so parachute meBut somehow I feel I survived on a flukyI have to hit the scene, livin' out my dreamsThen I said I was sorry to DJ's and MC'sComplete to everyone who kept their ear to the streetThen my homie came through with the Al Capone SuiteGot twice as deep, don't forget, you know how low they getIntimidating so I pose a threatComing like a slider, right by yaKnown to drop a rhyme in on time, and prescribing accurate alignmentThe center of attention, we'll bend a agendaTo enter this rap game the number one contenderThe outta sight, and dope lyrical white, and watchin' tricks fightin'Hyping up the crowd late night, and watching Tennessee TitansEverybody just loving because we like andI strike in first class light fast, just like lightning[Nickatina]I force my rhymes in your veins like hot shot of heroinYou'll got cold turkey trying to work meIt's like a pad lock, when you in the headlockSix in the morning and you didn't here the Feds knock[Nickatina – Chorus]It's like a jungle sometimesIt makes me wonder how I keep from going underWhen they hit me with the thunder and lightningIts trifling, enlightening, and frighteningsome might think that it's even exciting[Equipto]I'm consistent, adding all statisticsWhy don't we cover the spread like the [] never existedPhonographic rotate the plastic spinningLiving like I'm knowing it's gonna be a drastic endingPlaying classics, meditating these tactics to overcomeThe show is done, anticipating to roll a bluntBaby, getting anxious, hitting and I can't miss the focal pointWhen locals say, "[]."Man it's Equipto, put it all down for my homiesAnd rolling my [] right next to the policeNothing but love for all my homeboys hustling drugsUp in your program [] it up[Nickatina]I'm in the fast lane, the cash lane, some think it's a bad thingHitting 'em off with the C & H pure caneI get stuck in your membraneI'm like a [] at a party when you say look at them ringsI use a Motorola, the mood is baking sodaWhether it's in Denver, man, Houston, man, or North DakotaWith no apology, tech-tech-tech technologySome brother disin' me, or even thinkin' heI got the soul and the spirit of the wrath of KahnKick back and write just like the holy Koran[Nickatina – Chorus 2X]It's like a jungle sometimesIt makes me wonder how I keep from going underWhen they hit me with the thunder and lightningIts trifling, enlightening, and frighteningsome might think that it's even exciting

2. I chose this song by andre nickatina, the jungle, because he can rap like theres no tomorrow. He seems to make anything rhyme somehow whether its the most complicated word, but he still can somehow pull it off by rhyming it with another. His flow is just smooth and the rhymes make the song just go clean and smooth.

3). The jungle works very well for this song because hes talking about how his life is in the fastlane and pretty hectic, sort of like a jungle. Anything can happen in a jungle and he raps completely free when hes talking about his life and how so much stuff happens to him. Its all very unexpected, which is similiar to his rap because he raps about a lot of unrelated topics but makes it sound smooth to the ear.

4). He uses the metaphor, Im like a harley davidson which is used towards the start of the rap. It kind of just lets you know how his life goes down and how its very fast paced and that hes ready for anything. hes used to riding life in the fastlane like a harlye, which is fat and dangerous which works swell with the title, the jungle. Anything can happen. Another is very similiar, "im in the fast lane, the cash lane, some think its a bad thing." It relates to the other line i used and how the harley davidson represents that hes kind of out of control and a free spirit riding in the fast lane. hes very into money which is evident by saying hes in the "cash lane" which some see that can lead you to wrong things. But andre isnt afraid it seems and is ready for these things to happen or not. These lines make you think that nickatina is a man who doesnt stop for no one and is ready for anything at any given time. Hes a free spirit and ready to back himself up through fast and creative rhymes.

5).The tone of the song is very fast paced representing his life by the fast lane. He seems to endow a life that many cant keep up based upon the lyrics. I cant decipher many of the lyrics because he seems to rhyme any word with any word that works with the others. His tone is very fast paced and makes you think of a jungle because things are cluttered and unexpected in a jungle. Its kind of a survival of the fittest situation because the more your on your toes, the less likely youll be taken down by a bigger force. He raps very fast and can can rhyme mulitple times in one line which is showing the intensity of this song and that hes pretty serious about his life and the morals he lives by, which seem to be few.

Monday, February 25, 2008

1). I found that the play format was easy to get in depth in characters by having direct dialogue with two characters which really helped the audience get to know the characters. I did find it rather annoying that you only could write a few words and then switch to the other person which seemed repetitive in a way and seemed that it just took up space. I found it interesting to write it in play format because Im used towriting just essays and I found it to be more interesting and different and more unique than an essay. It's easy to get your point across through dialogue. I would be interested in a screenplay or Television show because those are things that ive been into my whole life and has allways caught my eye.

2). I would give a 10 year old advice in the world to never do drugs. Ive seen what drugs can do to someone and its not pretty. I would try to let them know that drugs are only a crutch for your life and only make you avoid your actual life and the problems in it. It's easy to run to drugs, but its cowardly to not face your problems face to face rather than use drugs to avoid it in a sense. I would tell them how it can completely change who you are and it can completely change your priorities in life which isnt something that you should really do. Drugs can change who you are and the damage it can take on relationship wise can be devastating such as with friends and family. They lead you down the wrong path and take you to places you never would want to go. I would tell them to just say no like they say in any drug class because its not hard to say no and easy to carry out with. Especially at this age of a 10 year old life they are going to start to see drugs more widely used once in middle school and highschool and i would want to warn them before they are interacted with a substance.

3). I believe that great pieces of literature can be written at any time. It only takes an idea and agreat writer to make a piece of work that will be remembered forever. Its not like the people of today can write better because of technology. People write well because of their ideas in their head and how they can critique these ideas on paper form. Writing is something that only a human can possess, not technology, so i believe its the person at any point in time who thinks of a great idea and can express this on paper thoroughly and in a way to keep the people entertained. The time periods may reflect a piece of literature as good too because maybe you write about a hot topic then and is seen as a huge event from today so it will always carry on and on.

Friday, February 22, 2008

1). Reading is subject to change over time and is something that will always change writer by writer. From such variety from writers, a writer must read other writers work because it allows the writer to be influenced by others. Every writer has another influence to their work because they all have some kind of motivation from another writer that they look up to and aim their work towards. Reading is the stepping stones for writing. Reading a new book will always be different from another and will never be seen as the same as another allowing for a lot of creativity, variety, and deep thought from someone. Writing isnt a template and is made through deep thought and influences. I feel that a writer needs to have a goal in what they want the writer to see and they can do this through their own style  but it can be influenced by another piece of work but they can critique that style and make it their own.

2). I see global warming as a huge dilemma in the world. Its something that isnt going to stop anytime soon and is growing exponentially. It scares me to think that the world may be gone in a couple hundred yaers possibly. We need to create more and enthuse others to recycle and put their share into helping the world. Its a problem that many dont seem that they want to do anything about because they dont see the developing problem that is going to be devastating to the world and the people in it. People dont want to help because its not something thats easily seen and thus, they dont want to help until it is something that they can see with their own eyes and effects themseleves.

3). I have been inspired by many snowboard movies for filming purposes. I would say that Burning Bridges has been a influential work for my filming eye and my editing eye. The way that they film and over white balance the shots make the shot something new too look at and are unique. The editing is something else in the snowboard world. They were the first to edit like they do and have black and white, 8mm film, and just not intense snowboarding, but more of a fun feeling. It really makes you enjoy snowboarding for what it is. The starting titles are always different and something you would never see coming and its always nice to see something new because its hard to think of new creative things. The riding in the video is also awesome because they portray each rider for who they are and dont try to make them someone else they arent. The creativity that they put into the film is something i hope to put into my own films because its caught my eye in a positive way and if i can capture this essense and put it in to my video, i hope it would do the same for my audience. Its very influential to me and is a video that will follow me into my future.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Do The Right Thing

I found Do The Right Thing to be one of the best moies so far this year. It kept my attention throughout. I felt that a major theme in this story is speaking your mind and expressing your way the way you want. I felt that little to no one took crap from anyone else. The Pizzeria owner Sal didnt take anything from his customers who sometimes put up arguements. He stood up for what he believed in, which at one point was mainly the pictures on his wall and what they represent to him. He defended himself through culture and believed that he coudl do what he wanted, especially on his wall at his Pizzeria. Buggin' out was no exception of speaking his mind. He tried to boycott the pizzeria and eventually from being so upset fromt he pictures, he ended up bringing up a fight that ended it all resulting in Radio Rakim's death. Radio Rakim spoke his mind and no one really resisted his personality because of his big size. His size did help, but i believe if he wasnt as big, he still would have repped the " Fight the Power" on his boombox till the end which was ultimately his death. He died over his boombox and the way he expressed himself. Mookie at the end also stood up for himself by throwing the garbage in the window destorying the pizzeria. He stood up for what he believed in, which was Radio Rakim over Sal, resulting in chaos in the city street. I believe that everyone stood up for what they believed in, they stood tall, they stood strong and woudlnt take anything from anyone. This is what kept me going the whole movie because the personalities were so different and attention grabbing.